My name is Andrew Sidel and I am a Colorado native. Born and raised in Elizabeth, I had the best of both worlds — the rural surprise that is Elizabeth and the suburb/city that is Parker, Lone Tree, and Denver. I grew up playing tennis and basketball and was an avid outdoorsman from a young age. My love for hiking, mountain biking, and the outdoors in general is attributable to my parents, both of whom urged me to be happy, relax a bit more, and always do the right thing. Graduating from Legend High School in Parker, I knew that the University of Denver was my next home. Although I searched high and low for schools in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, these schools and cities were no match for the Colorado lifestyle and the University of Denver’s opportunities. Originally applying as a political science major, I changed to Marketing and Finance the summer before entering as a first-year student. Although political science is a necessary and helpful degree for many, I saw the power of marketing and finance and quickly realized no matter what industry, company, or individual was selling a product or service, they would need marketing — to promote the brand — and finance to understand the cash flow, investment, and day-to-day financial overview of the company.

Colorado has been an incredible place to grow up, from the outdoor lifestyle to the relaxed interaction among fellow Coloradans. Although the influx of people has exponentially grown over the last five years, it is no surprise that Colorado has become the place for everyone, specifically younger adults. Whether home is in Denver, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs, the mountains are only a short drive away! Additionally, Colorado has become a hub for technology, innovation, healthcare over the last ten years which provides incredible opportunities to natives and new residents alike.