My diverse background in marketing consists of experience with marketing strategy, market research, experiential events, photography, brand management, digital marketing, and social media. My skillset allows me to work effectively across various industries and deliver successful marketing campaigns through the identification of unique needs and/or preferences of different target markets and clearly states, understands, and offers a solution.

  • Marketing Strategy: Developing an integrated, cohesive plan(s) to effectively promote a product or service and reach various target audiences (prospect, upsell, and cross-sell). This includes defining target markets and choosing the most appropriate channels and tactics.

  • Brand Management/Marketing: Building and maintaining a strong brand identity by managing the various elements of a brand, including name, logo, and messaging (and rebranding if/when necessary).

  • Experiential Marketing: Creating engaging and memorable experiences for customers – such as product demonstrations, Ride and Drive events, and cross-promotional partnership events – to build brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Photography: Using visual content to effectively convey a message and values.

  • Digital Marketing: Utilizing tactics such as social media, email, and referral programs cohesively to reach and engage customers in a digital age.

  • Social Media: Connecting with customers and building brand awareness on primary platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Market Research: Gathering and analyzing data about various audiences to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences, helping to shape efforts and ensure they are tailored to the needs/preferences of the ideal audience.